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Made in Cumbria is a brand owned by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce. As a British Chamber of Commerce, Cumbria Chamber is a non-profit association that operates on behalf of its members to support, advise, connect and nurture businesses on all shapes and sizes in Cumbria. We offer funding and legislative advice, skills workshops, business start-up support and networking events. The Cumbria Chamber of Commerce is funded by membership for local businesses and organisations as well as Cumbrian sponsors, holding events and grant funding.


Made in Cumbria

The Made in Cumbria website was launched to celebrate the plethora of Cumbrian businesses who design, make, manufacture and sell their products and services in our wonderful rural county. We’re delighted with the variety of our featured businesses who surprise us with their creations. With so much open space and so many natural resources available in Cumbria, it is no wonder that businesses here are inspired by the Lake District and its surrounding areas.


Our Businesses

This site showcases food and drink producers, craftspeople, designers and artists, tradespeople, service industry businesses, makers of health, beauty and cosmetic products, brewers and roasters, bakers and farmers. The wealth of imaginative, creative and innovative businesses that Cumbria has to offer is growing rapidly and we are constantly seeking new businesses to feature on our dedicated Made in Cumbria website.

Frequently Asked Questions

This site it not an online shop. To buy products from the businesses listed on Made in Cumbria, use the contact details for that business listed in the directory and either buy from them online if they have a website, or visit them in person. 

Whilst we’d love to compile a full directory of ALL the wonderful products made right here in Cumbria, the ones you see listed on the site are the businesses we work most closely with. 

You’ll see many of our businesses have a MADE IN CUMBRIA label. This means the products and services offered by this business have been made right here in Cumbria.

Many of the businesses we work with are based in Cumbria but their products and services are made outside of the county. These businesses have been labelled CREATED IN CUMBRIA.

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