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Cumbria is lucky to have a network of gifted designers that make exquisite jewellery using traditional skills and expert craftsmanship. Made in Cumbria brings you a variety of jewellery makers who lovingly create hand-crafted adornments from glass, ceramics, precious stones and metals. Many of the jewellery designers in Cumbria draw inspiration from the colour palette of our ever-changing county with rich, warm hues for autumn, vivid blues and greens for spring and summer and cool, icy tones for the depths of the Cumbrian winter.

Jewellery Members

Lake District Jewellery

Handmade jewellery based on The Lake District Fells
Unique artisan made bentwood rings that are ideal for any occasion.
Summit Silver jewellery uses ethically sourced precious metals and is all handmade. from my home studio near Bassenthwaite Lake.
Abbeyhorn serves as a reminder of just how wonderful and appealing natural products can be.

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