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Women’s clothing brands in Cumbria are renowned for their quality, craftsmanship and style. Made in Cumbria’s women’s clothing brands exhibit some of the UK’s finest traditional weaving methods. The age-old tradition of dying and weaving materials from native breeds such as Herdwick sheep has been part of Cumbrian farming heritage for centuries and local artisan textile workers and designers in Cumbria are still connected to these practices today. The beauty of Cumbrian textile workers and designers craft is that no two products they create are the same. The versatile range of clothing products produced by independent textile workers and designers in Cumbria include women’s knitwear, women’s thermal clothing, women’s hiking clothing and other items for country and outdoor use.

Women's Clothing Members

Heywood-MacDonald Accountancy Services Ltd

This accountancy have their own clothing range of accountancy related jokes!
Linton Tweeds produce high quality fabrics of the highest quality for fashion houses around the world.

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