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Home décor is short for home decoration and refers to the art of making your home look attractive. We can think of no better place to furnish your home with treasures than from the creative geniuses listed here on Made in Cumbria. Our beautiful county is jam-packed with talented artists, designers, makers and producers and decorating your home with bespoke items designed or made in Cumbria will mean you always have a little piece of here close by.

Home Décor Members

Lake District Eco Christmas Trees

Sustainable pot grown Christmas tree's rental for the holiday season
HOUT is one of a new generation of small innovative furniture designer and maker companies.
In a world where so much is artificial, Abbeyhorn serves as a reminder of just how wonderful and appealing natural
Lauren's Cows is an award winning mother/daughter partnership formed 12 years ago to market the original artwork of Lauren Terry.
Chimney Sheep buy Herdwick wool from local farmers and make chimney draught excluders. These block the chimney when it’s not

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