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As you can imagine, Cumbria hosts some of best meat, fish, poultry and game producers in the UK. For centuries, the vast Cumbrian countryside has provided the ideal conditions to produce free range meat, game and poultry of exceptional quality and the county remains connected to its deep-rooted farming heritage today. With their in-depth knowledge of the land, seasons and traditional practices, Made in Cumbria farmers and herdsmen have perfected the skills of rearing native breeds to create distinctively flavoured and quality products that are available to buy from local butchers, markets and shops across Cumbria. Many Cumbrian farmer’s products have been celebrated by celebrity chefs within the region and praised by others around the world. In a county also famed for its historic coastal fishing towns, the main sources of fish and seafood delicacies that can be found in cafés and restaurants throughout Cumbria are the abundant seas around Morecambe Bay and Whitehaven.

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