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Cumbrian coffee and tea producers are known for their high-quality products, ethical sourcing of ingredients and commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Made in Cumbria’s collection of artisan coffee roasters and tea houses in Cumbria only use fair-trade products and incorporate local ingredients wherever possible. If you love coffee, you won’t have to look far for a delicious caffeine fix in Cumbria as the county is home to some of the best independent coffee roasters in the UK. Cumbrian coffee bean roasters use their own unique roasting recipes to produce coffee beans and ground coffee blends to a consistently high standard ranging from bold and strong flavours to smoother blends. Cumbria is also home to some of the most passionate tea producers in the country. What makes Cumbrian tea producers special is the local ingredients they use, including heather and seasonal berries, in their blends that reflect the beautiful Cumbrian landscape.

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