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The changing seasons dramatically alter the Cumbrian landscape but for established pottery artists they are also the inspiration for attractive stoneware and porcelain creations, designed to reflect the drama of the ever-changing Cumbrian scenery. Clay can be found in certain areas of Cumbria and once cleaned and slaked thoroughly, it can make beautiful earthenware pottery. This practice of making functional and decorative ceramics from the natural materials the landscape provides is an age-old tradition, one kept alive by a wealth of potters and ceramicists in Cumbria today.

Ceramic, Glassware and Pottery Members

Suzie Wright Pottery

Ceramics influenced by the Dales in the Lake District.
Abbeyhorn serves as a reminder of just how wonderful and appealing natural products can be.
Cumbria Crystal was founded in 1976 and since then has been producing exceptional, handmade full lead crystal tableware.

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