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Cumbria is a beautiful region in the North West of England that is known for its spectacular landscape, natural beauty and rich farming heritage. But did you know that Cumbria is also home to a thriving art and design community? In particular, creative local textile workers and designers in Cumbria and the Lake District are renowned for their production of beautiful and sophisticated clothing accessories. Some of Made in Cumbria members handmade accessories include handwoven woollen hats and handmade leather goods such as leather satchel bags. One of the benefits from buying clothing accessories designed in Cumbria is that you can be sure of the quality and durability of the product. Many accessories produced in Cumbria and the Lake District are handmade using traditional manufacturing techniques and so you know each item has been made with the greatest possible care and attention to detail. Textile workers and designers take pride in their craft and make accessories to the highest standards, making their products fit for exposure to outdoor elements.

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