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Cumbria Crystal
Greatdale Limited
Unit 4, Canal Head
Ulverston, Cumbria
LA12 7LB

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01229 584400


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Cumbria Crystal is the last producer of luxury completely hand-made, English 24% lead-crystal in the United Kingdom and one of the leading companies globally. Its aspiration is to produce the highest quality, hand-blown bar and stemware collections in the world exclusively using traditional glass-making techniques. The small team of 25 highly skilled artisans are committed to mastering processes which have hardly changed in the last 2000 years. Craftsmanship is embraced, automation is shunned and the hand-made aesthetic reigns. The factory is open to visitors to watch the choreographed alchemy of glass blowing, browse the shop & try blowing crystal themselves! The crystal is completely mouth-blown by the team of five glass-blowers and 4 cutters. A typical product takes between 10 and 12 days to craft
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Person making Cumbria Crystal Glasses
Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Stemware on display
Cumbria Crystal shot glasses
Cumbria Crystal - Furnace pot change
James bond using Cumbria Crystal
Person creating Cumbria Crystal

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